Cat Olympics

When you watch too many olympic events, you get this crazy idea that you should maybe try out for the first ever USA Cat Olympic Bobsled team.

We may not be fast, but hey, we are cute.

First World Problems

“Hey Milo, your birthday is in May right?”

“Well considering we are twins, we have the SAME birthday, but yes, why do you ask?”

“Because Milo, my gift is not only a gift to you, but to the world….”

“Awww, how thoughtful PJ, what is it?”

“Deodorant Milo, the biggest container I can find.”

New School

“Well turns out we are headed to a new all men private school PJ..”

“Yes Milo, because the human saw your inappropriate pictures on your Tinder profile.”

“Yeah, what is the big deal PJ, if Brett Favre can do it, why can’t I?”

“There is so much wrong with that statement, I do not know where to start. For once , I really wish I could not be punished for your lack of common sense.”


When the person who sped by you and cut you off on the interstate is pulled over 5 miles up the road….

“Ohhhh, Hello speeder my old friend, I have come to drive by you once again…”

“Milo, are you just changing the lyrics to Simon and Garfunkel?”


My brother PJ informed me that I have become a bit too attached to him and that it would be beneficial to expand my friendship/dating zone. He helped me set up a Tinder Dating Profile. Lots of swipes to the left this AM, but if you are single, Holla’ at your boy.

Who let the dogs out??

In the year 2000, The Baha Men wrote a song, asking Who let the dogs out over 100 times. For 18 years, it has remained a mystery. Who DID let the dogs out? Well, after all these years, we, Milo and PJ, would like to make a confession. It was us, we let the dog out. Now hopefully the Baha Men and the rest of the world can rest peacefully. 

Hat season

“Have you ever wondered what the perfect hat is for your head?”

“It’s frustrating when you try hat after hat on and they just don’t fit right.”

“Custom made is the way to go…”

“Check out my new hat!”

“You can find them at”

“Really PJ, you are posting false websites now????  I hope the human bans you from using the internet…”


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