Black Friday

“What in the world are you doing Milo, you are going to hurt yourself… ”

“Well, PJ, if you must know, there is a great Black Friday sale at Pet Smart on Cat Nip, I am trying to purrfect my crowd leap. It is easy to get trampled when you are the little guy.”

“I wish I would have never asked, good luck with that Milo.”

Thanksgiving vibes

“Please give me some turkey and I will cause you no harm…”

“Well, it seems as though the human has chosen to ignore us…time to channel my inner Pennywise..”

“Pennywise?? PJ, Isn’t he a scary clown who eats people???”

“Exactly Milo, watch and learn. Here finger finger finger…” 

“A little sniff, a little lick, time to go in for the kill….”



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