Holiday Hangover 

“Hey PJ, why are you not in your gym clothes, I thought we were going to the gym…starting our diet, remember??”

“Can we start tomorrow Milo?? Too…many…cookies, cannot move..send help meow.”

“I do not feel bad for you PJ, I do, however, feel bad for those poor innocent cookies you destroyed…”

Put me in coach

“Hey Milo , why are you wearing that ridiculous jersey?”

“Well PJ, coach gave me the okay to play tomorrow, we play the Eagles,  I love chasing birds. Plus, my collarbone is apparently healed. ”

“Milo, we do not have collarbones. I honestly do not know where you even come up with this nonsense.”

“Joe Buck and Troy Aikman…”

“Say no more Milo, say no more.”

The cup is more than half full

“I feel like I ask you this every day Milo, but what are you doing now???”

“I am looking for the best cat mom ever, she appears to be at the bottom of this cup, the fingers on the cup directed me.”

PJ shaking head, “I give up, there is no saving you.”

Love is complicated 

“Milo….Milo, earth to Milo….MILO!!!!!”

“Aaaahhh, what are you doing here PJ!!!???”

“What do you mean what am I doing here Milo? I live here you dingbat.”

“Oh, I thought they got rid of you and replaced you with a pillow PJ. I must say I was a bit disappointed when I heard they had gone and did that.”

“Yes, you look quite disappointed I might add.”

Dreadful Dentist

“You know how the dentist asks if you have been flossing every day and you just sit there and nod your head but secretly he knows you are full of it?”

“Yeah, it is usually the bleeding gums that give it away Milo.”

“Well, doesn’t the dentist know that the human hides floss from us after the incident where it came out the wrong end?”

“Milo, humans do not understand anything …”

“Well, I have found that the humans shirt strings work much better than floss anyway.”

Black Friday

“What in the world are you doing Milo, you are going to hurt yourself… ”

“Well, PJ, if you must know, there is a great Black Friday sale at Pet Smart on Cat Nip, I am trying to purrfect my crowd leap. It is easy to get trampled when you are the little guy.”

“I wish I would have never asked, good luck with that Milo.”

Thanksgiving vibes

“Please give me some turkey and I will cause you no harm…”

“Well, it seems as though the human has chosen to ignore us…time to channel my inner Pennywise..”

“Pennywise?? PJ, Isn’t he a scary clown who eats people???”

“Exactly Milo, watch and learn. Here finger finger finger…” 

“A little sniff, a little lick, time to go in for the kill….”



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