The joys of Wisconsin winter

“Bbbrr, it is getting cold in Wisconsin.  I am so glad the human bought us these awesome sweater vests.”

“Quiet PJ, the human is not smart enough to pick up on your sarcasm, she might actually think we like these and leave them on us longer….”

Poor Dog

“Poor Dog, it must be hard to resist when the Devil whispers right in your ear.”“Bite the human’s glove dog, do it…”

“Success, another day where the dog is viewed as disobedient, and we are viewed as purrfect, even when our wings are red.”

Taco Tuesday 

“Pj, do you know Taco Cat spelled backwards is Taco Cat??”

“Milo, how do you joke at a time like this, you look ridiculous.  I think we should tell the human that this is not what they meant when they invented Taco Tuesday…”

“Well PJ, if it means we get tacos tonight….I am all on board the Taco Tuesday train…”

“Honestly Milo,  I wish for once you used your brain to think instead of your stomach…”

Check it brother…

“Hey PJ my throat hurts…”

“Well, what do you want me to do about it, I am no DOGtor.”

“Can you just check my tonsils man, I will give you my serving of food tomorrow….”

“Okay, you had me at food…”

Horror story

“Once upon a time, there was a cat whose food dish was very very empty..the cat continued to try and remain calm and drop hints to the human that her days were numbered if she did not fill the food dish…. Human, do you want me to continue, this story is not for children, it is best you just fill my food dish and get on with life…while you still can…..”

I am famous !

“Hey Milo, Milo…MILO…”

“Yeah PJ???”

“I am famous!”

“Say what….????”

 “I think that is me…it has to be me..”

“Umm, that was painted in the 1500’s…sorry dude, that is not you.”


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